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Atomic Skull murders fifteen; "Minutemen" save day

The Boston Herald - Jane Mossman

Boston is in shock after its second deadly super-criminal attack in less than a week. The Atomic Skull, long known as an enemy of Superman, descended upon downtown Boston yesterday and murdered fifteen people in the streets.

A group of costumed crime-fighters calling themselves “The Minutemen” arrived on the scene shortly into the rampage. After a fierce battle, they were able to apprehend Atomic Skull and deliver him to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

A fire was sparked during the fight, allegedly also by the Skull, that caused thousands of dollars of property damage and ended in the death of one person. Two members of the Minutemen – both possessing the power of teleportation – broke off from the battle to rescue civilians from the fire.

“I was trapped in my office,” said local attorney Graham Ingram. “And then I felt arms around me and I was outside and I could see my building burning down the street.”

The Minutemen’s apparent leader The Hunted theorized that the Skull’s powers had mutated to project flames in addition to his signature atomic energy, but this is unconfirmed.

The motive for the attack is unknown, according to Boston police captain Frederick Wentworth. “Skull only does what he does to draw out Superman. Why he’d try that in Boston isn’t clear,” he said.

The mayor’s office released a statement today stating the city’s intent to hold a memorial service for the victims of the recent attacks. “This terrible tragedy must be marked,” Mayor Michael Godfrey said. “We cannot and will not forget those affected by this senseless violence.” The statement also mentioned the possibility of the construction of a memorial to the victims.

Some citizens are dissatisfied with how super-criminals are being handled, however.

“How many times has Atomic Skull gotten loose?” said Kat Boerman, who was present during the attack. “How many times has he killed? Why hasn’t someone dealt with him for good?”

Massachusetts state representative John Emmett has stated that he will be pushing for the reinstatement of capital punishment in the state. “The United States penal system clearly isn’t equipped to contain offenders of this magnitude,” he said in response to today’s attack. “We’re running out of options.”

Capital punishment was abolished in Massachusetts in 1984.


We should have said the place was caught on fire by a car explosion and then placed fake evidence to support it.


Or the fake evidence to support The Hunted’s claim that the Skull’s powers mutated have appeared in the nights since the attack. Several scientific sources have study the damage and found the radioactive powers linked to the Atomic Skull are on the burned buildings. Hooray for Supersmart detectives.


And if someone was to find out that it was a resident superhero pseudo-pyrokinetic/pyromaniac who was actually responsible. She will have to further answer for her crimes, but since SHIELD essentially backed our play to cover for her, even when she refused to answer to us, then I would imagine a great deal of cover up would go into this.


Right-of-Way supports capital punishment.

As long as it doesn’t break the law.


“I’m Right-of-Way, and I approve this punishment.”


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