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Bialya invades Khandaq; Black Adam vows revenge

The Daily Planet - Lois Lane

The international community was stunned yesterday morning when Bialyan troops rolled into neighboring Kahndaq with no warning and no apparent cause. In a blitzkrieg spanning land, sea, and air, Bialya crushed the unsuspecting Kahndaqi military in a number of early skirmishes.

Fighting has continued throughout the day and night, with Kahndaqi troops rallying against the invaders and reclaiming some lost territory. The death toll is currently estimated to be around 5,000, both combatants and civilians, according to the Department of Defense.

“With my bare hands, I will tear Bialya’s army asunder,” said Black Adam, the king of Kahndaq, in a public statement shortly after the beginning of the invasion. “I will turn back their invasion, I will lead my people into their land, and we will burn their cities to the ground. Only then, as they look over the ashes of their nation and the bodies of their men, will they know the price of their treachery.”

Superhumans have appeared on both sides of the battle, with Black Adam himself leading Kahndaq’s forces. The Justice League has stepped in to attempt to minimize civilian casualties, but has not otherwise interfered.

The United Nations has condemned Bialya’s invasion, but has expressed concern that Black Adam may lead Kahndaq to greater retaliation. Numerous world leaders have also spoken out against the fighting.

The White House released a statement this morning in which President Barack Obama stated that “the United States will not hesitate to intervene to protect the lives of innocent civilians from either side of this conflict.”


Dude, the USA is much more proactive than I expected. I am rooting for Kahndaq though.


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