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Clay man attacks Bunker Hill Monument

The Boston Herald - Jane Mossman

A special artifact unveiling at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston went awry yesterday when the exhibit came to life: literally.

The artifact, an eight-foot tall man made of clay, came to life and escaped the museum shortly after its unveiling. Projecting black energy from its body, it blew a hole in the museum’s ceiling and flew away.

Museum director Malcolm Rogers said he may have awakened the creature by reading the inscription on its forehead out loud. “’Emet,” he said. “It’s Hebrew for ‘truth.’”

After causing minor damage around the city, the creature attacked the Bunker Hill monument. The Minutemen arrived just in time to save the monument and incapacitated it after a short but fierce battle. SHIELD agents arrived shortly after to take the creature into custody.

No injuries were reported in connection with the creature’s rampage.

Described by Rogers as a “golem” originating in the Kingdom of Judah, now the southern half of Israel, the creature is estimated to have been created sometime between 1000 and 600 BCE.

The most famous golem story is that 16th century golem of Prague, in which a rabbi builds one to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. Rogers suggested that this golem, or one like it, may have been the inspiration for the later tales, and that it may have served the same purpose: protecting the Jewish people.

The Minutemen were joined in the combat by a new member, who Boston police say goes by “the Irregular” or “Iggy.” A skilled marksman with numerous specialized ammunition types, including a net shot and knockout gas shot, he serves as the Minutemen’s liaison to the Boston police, according to captain Frederick Wentworth.

Wentworth confirmed that the Irregular was responsible for the string of petty criminals found bound by nets in recent weeks.


When did Irregular become our liaison to the police?


As soon as he was brought in. That’s the role Analogy had in mind for him from the start.


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