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Peace declared in Bialya, Kahndaq; Doom "invaluable" in negotiations

The Daily Planet - Clark Kent

The war between Bialya and Kahndaq has officially ended, according to a press release by the United Nations. Bialyan and Kahndaqi troops withdrew to their own nations yesterday after five weeks of brutal combat.

The total death toll is currently estimated by the United States Department of Defense to exceed 22,000. Nearly 8,000 civilians were killed by both sides in the fighting, despite the intervention of the UN and the Justice League. Casualties for UN forces are reported as being 34 killed and 127 wounded.

In one of the fastest peace treaty negotiations in military history, the UN oversaw peace talks between Queen Bee and Black Adam lasting only two days. The details of the treaty have not been made public and both leaders have been largely absent from the public eye over the last few days.

While not formally leading the UN mediators, Latverian monarch Victor Von Doom took charge of the meetings, according to John Kerry, US Secretary of State.

“Doctor Doom was invaluable in these negotiations,” Kerry said in a press conference yesterday. He cited Doom’s leadership as a key factor in fostering quick and decisive action. With a slight laugh, he added: “I never thought I’d see the day.”

The Justice League made a brief appearance last night at the UN headquarters to thank Doom for his efforts in ending the conflict.

Political analysts speculate that Doom’s actions in this conflict, as well as his recent tour of the United States, are a sign of a desire to have Latveria take a place on the world stage.

“There will naturally be some hesitation by other countries to work with Latveria, given its history,” said political analyst Larry Sabato. “But if Doom can demonstrate a willingness to turn his considerable power and expertise towards benevolent ends, I expect much could be forgiven.”

The small central European nation is currently considered a “rogue state” by many countries.

The Justice League has not been able to provide any conclusive explanation for the sudden appearance of several of their arch-nemeses on the battlefield. At a public appearance at the UN headquarters in New York City, a visibly distraught Superman said that the villains may have seen the League’s peace enforcement mission as a moment of vulnerability.

“They cost us precious time by showing up,” Superman said. “And so they cost innocent lives.”

The villains disappeared as quickly as they came. They engaged the League sporadically throughout the week they arrived and did not return afterward. Of them, only Cheetah was captured.

The League apprehended several other notable supercriminals who had taken part in the fighting. Bane, Cheetah, Scorpion, Grey Gargoyle, and Wizard were last seen in SHIELD custody.

Deadpool, Black Manta, Taskmaster, and Silver Samurai have not yet been captured.

Substantial criticism from the international community has been levied against the two Middle-Eastern nations for their targeting of civilians and the employment of wanted criminals as mercenaries. There have been no formal motions to try Bialyan or Kahndaqi leaders for war crimes or crimes against humanity, however.

Neither nation attempted to harbor the mercenary criminals in their employ.

The Bialya-Kahndaq conflict marks the first peace-enforcement mission in UN history.


Interesting note about the peacekeeping bit at the end. Is that a true fact or for your world? I think the UN has done it in the real world.


The UN does peace keeping all the time, but peace enforcement is different. To my knowledge, the UN has never done a peace enforcement operation.


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