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Some not so in love with Boston's new heroes

The Boston Globe - Op/Ed - Dick Tanner

The Minutemen have taken Boston by storm. That, no one can deny. Local public opinion of them has soared over the last few weeks as the group has helped to capture criminals both mundane and “super.”

But their popularity has grown so quickly its almost suspicious. What other costumed vigilantes have experienced such a meteoric rise? Spider-Man is – to this day – often portrayed as a menace to society, and the Batman is widely distrusted even by other so-called “heroes.”

And really, in comparison to the deeds of even these two street-level protectors, the Minutemen’s pale. They fought Killer Frost and Cheetah, but both escaped. They captured the Atomic Skull, but only after he had murdered over a dozen people and burned half a city block.

Just this week, they were defeated by the vigilantes calling themselves the Elite. Worse, they were clearly betrayed by one of their own in the fighting, who has, by all accounts, been allowed to remain on the team. If they cannot even police their own ranks effectively, can we really trust them to protect Boston?

Their defense of the murderous tyrant Doctor Doom has been widely debated, but he was acting in a diplomatic capacity and the Minutemen would have been wrong to let him die or – worse – help kill him, like their member the Hunted did. But the fact remains that while representing the United States and the city of Boston, they failed to protect Doom and he was forced to defeat the assailants himself.

None of this is to say that we don’t owe the Minutemen a great deal. They have still saved dozens of lives by their actions. But to see the mayor bend over backwards to accommodate these C-tier vigilantes, to see them fawned over by the patrons of my favorite waffle joint, to see them making public appearances every few days, is just a bit much to swallow.

I posit a theory: the mayor wants a team of pet superheroes. Think about it. A well-regarded team of superheroes would do wonders for his approval ratings and his reelection chances. And while many things may be said of Mike Godfrey, that he doesn’t know how to publicize is not one of them.


Dear Editor,

I was appalled by your op/ed piece by Mr. Tanner. To bash the Minutemen when they have put themselves on the line, multiple times. It looked to me that the cool as beans, Analogy, conversed with Doom. Maybe Doom wanted to fight his assailants? What then? The Minutemen worked to keep the peace while Doom was here, and by all rights, they succeeded. If anything it was Doom who brought the chaos with him!

I’m not sure about the Hunted, but perhaps the Minutemen know something we don’t? I’m not one to blindly follow the spoon fed nonsense that the liberal media feeds us on a daily basis, but if the Hunted did betray the team wouldn’t it be in their best interests as a team to kick him out, or prosecute him in a court of law.

With Atomic Skull attacking our city, they arrived on the scene and stopped him from killing further. That’s the thing with those super villains: they kill lots of people, and then the heroes show up to save the day? I feel as though Mr. Tanner would prefer that the Minutemen didn’t show up at all and let the Atomic Skull kill more until someone like Superman, who was in Bialya, shows up to stop him. If you ask me, I would’ve gone a step further to stop the Atomic Skull. So in this regard I say the Minutemen aren’t going far enough!

Mr. Tanner I’m sorry that the Minutemen have apparently ruined your favorite waffle joint, but if they’re not super freaky space aliens who have eight tentacles and don’t need to eat, or heaven forbid don’t like waffles, they need to eat too. So instead they shouldn’t eat at your favorite waffle joint, and by all accounts improve the business of your favorite waffle place? I’m confused isn’t this America and the land of the free. I think you may be mistaken sir, if these costumed heroes are running around and working with the police, the mayor’s office, the fire department, and the local hospitals aren’t they going above and beyond their roles as public defenders?

Your defense about the mayor does bear some credit. It would seem our fair mayor with the emergence of these heroes has become way too chummy, way too quickly. Which just screams re-election, smart move, but it could also backfire if these heroes keep demonstrating traits like the Hunted may have done. All in all, I’m glad Boston has seen an increase in these heroes, and I hope they keep doing up the good work: especially that one lady with the sword! She’s my favorite.

A minute fan


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h6. March 10, 2013 16:30 From Waco, TX
thesecolorsdontrun1959 left a comment:

this article REEKS of political agenda. the Minutemen represent a revival of PATRIOTISM in this country we need right now. Superman sold out to the rest of the world (including terrorist countries) and Batman is a liberal punk who doesn’t support the death penalty that would get rid of these godless sons of bitches GOD BLESS THE USA


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