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The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

Minute men

March 23, 2013

Rosemary Genevieve, Publicist
Freedom Trail Public Relations
Phone: 555-365-4562

Minutemen Respond to Boston Globe Dick Tanner Op/Ed

We would like to thank Mr. Tanner for his opinion about our activities in the Boston area, and say he is right. Our actions as a group should be for greater good of the community, especially with our abilities taken into consideration.

This is why we would like to take the opportunity to express the Minutemen’s desire to become a bigger organization. The visit from Latveria’s ruler caused more chaos than not, and even though the finances were settled, it left a raw feeling in my mouth. This desire to become a better group is expressly why we’ve struck out and made liaisons with the governmental office and police department. I sincerely hope we can work with the local medical businesses and fire departments in the very near future.

We thank the citizens of Boston, and greater Boston area, for their support, but please understand Mr. Tanner is entitled to his opinion and it only belittles what we are trying to achieve as an organization when people attack and defame him. To Mr. Tanner, whatever discomfort or displeasure we have caused you in regards to the favorite waffle joint, I apologize. We only wanted to spread the good word of this establishment.

Analogy, chairperson of the Minutemen


Does Analogy have the communication skills to write something like this? Or did we have Publicist do it?

The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

P.S. Also, did you know that Aquaman is from the Boston area? or at least his lighthouse is.

The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

With an intelligence of 12, I think he could pull it off. If not though, them the publicist could more than handle it.

And no, I wasn’t aware of that. That’s cool.

The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

Can we have a superhero team up with Aquaman?

The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

Aren’t we already teamed up with Aquaman?

The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

Or do you just want another person to back you on killing people?

The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

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