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Transcript: "War in Kahndaq"

BBC News - Charles Foster, Senior War Correspondent - Uten, Kahndaq

[Anchor Olivia Moor is on-screen next to a graphic reading “War in Kahndaq.”]

Moor: And now we go live to Charles Foster.

[Senior War Correspondent Charles Foster stands in front of the camera. He looks disheveled, with dirt staining his shirt. Behind him is an open doorway leading to an empty Uten street. Rubble is strewn across the ground and smoke is visible in the distance. The sound of a tank can be heard in the distance.]

Foster: This is Charles Foster, BBC News, live from Uten, Kahndaq.

[A young man runs by the door, shouting in Arabic. The camera turns to face the interior of the building. Several civilians – men, women, and children – are huddled inside.]

Foster: My cameraman and I have taken refuge in this abandoned building, along with numerous Kahndaqi civilians.

[The camera swings back to show Foster. The tank is growing louder.]

Foster: We’ve been pursued intermittently by Bialyan troops, but we seem to have shaken them for the time being. The Bialyan military seems to also be targeting foreign journalists in their attacks on civilians.

[He pokes his head out of the door and then quickly recoils, waving at everyone to get back.]

Foster (whispering): Get back! Get back!

[He ducks beside the door as the cameraman seems to hide behind a table, placing the camera atop it. Approximately twenty seconds later, a Bialyan tank rolls into view through the door. It stops, and then the turret slowly turns toward the camera. The people can be heard yelling in Arabic and scrambling to get away. Foster gets as far from the door as possible.]

Foster: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Cameraman: Oh, Jesus…

[A blue and red blur suddenly crashes into the dirt next to the tank. As the dust clears, it can be seen that Superman is standing by the tank.]

Cameraman: Woah…

[Superman plants his foot on the tank, grabs the turret, and rips it off. He then grabs the crew and tosses them out of the tank one by one. Finally, he digs his hands in and tears the tank in two. Foster crawls toward the camera.]

Foster (shaking, out of breath): It… appears we’ve been saved… by Superman.

[Superman wraps the tank’s gun around the crew and then proceeds to step inside the building.]

Superman: Are you folks all right?

Foster: Y-yes.

[Superman nods and then kneels by the huddled people. He says something in Arabic and they seem to respond in the affirmative. He nods, smiles gently, and stands. The camera zooms on him as he steps outside, grabs the crew, and looks skyward. Suddenly a yellow blast of energy strikes him from the left and above. He looks in the direction of the blast, grits his teeth, and flies after it without the crew.]

Foster: What was that?

[The cameraman and Foster rush outside. After the camera zooms and focuses, Superman can be seen fighting Sinestro. A green blur is approaching from the distance.]

Foster: It appears that Sinestro has arrived on the scene and is engaged in combat with Superman and the Green Lantern.

[The green blur stops and the Green Lantern becomes visible. The camera shows the three engage in a frantic combat for approximately thirty seconds. Then, the camera turns to the people on the ground. One of the young men from inside is grabbing one of the tank crew’s submachine guns off the ground. He approaches the crew.]

Foster: Woah, woah, hey! Don’t do that!

[The young man points the gun at the crew, who seem to be pleading in Arabic. Foster rushes over and frantically tries to talk the man down. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Superman is standing there and the gun is in his hand.]

Superman: No.

[He snaps the gun in two, then turns to the others laying on the ground and incinerates them with his heat-vision. He looks off into the distance for a moment.]

Superman: There’s a UN convoy coming this way that will escort civilians out of the combat zone. Stay put until they arrive and you’ll be fine.

[He presumably repeats his instruction in Arabic and then flies back into the fray. Foster looks back to the camera.]

Foster: All right. Get inside.

[Foster continues speaking as they enter the building.]

Foster: This is Charles Foster, BBC News.

[Olivia Moor is shuffling papers. She looks on edge, but sounds professional.]

Moor: Thank you, Charles. We’re receiving reports that a number of powerful supercriminals have appeared in Kahndaq, primarily foes of the Justice League. Reports say that Cheetah, Attuma, Sinestro, Malefic the Martian, and Zoom have all appeared and are battling their nemeses. It is unclear what side of the conflict they are on, if any. So far, they seem only interested in defeating the Justice League.

[She pauses.]

Moor: We’ll be right back.


Yes! Evil Martian Manhunter! That’s awesome.

Transcript: "War in Kahndaq"

Kind of makes me want to go punch something. I’m not exactly sure, but I’m starting to see a trend here…

Transcript: "War in Kahndaq"

Right-of-Way says all’s fair in love and war.

Unless it violates the Geneva convention.

Transcript: "War in Kahndaq"

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