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UN and Justice League intervene in Bialya-Kahndaq conflict in peace-enforcement operation

The Daily Planet - Lois Lane

The United Nations and The Justice League have begun active intervention in the Bialya-Kahndaq War, in response to the active targeting of civilians by both sides. Captain Marvel has been temporarily inducted into the League to assist in combating Black Adam, his most prominent foe.

The first peace-enforcement operation in United Nations history, the operation is expected by officials to be brief. “While numerous metahumans and supercriminals have been involved in the fighting, none of them are considered to be of the same power as the members of the League,” said Susan Rice, US ambassador the UN. “With their cooperation, a ceasefire is expected within days.”

League members have continued to avoid intervention in skirmishes involving only combatants, instead limiting themselves to situations where civilians are endangered or targeted.

“We are not here to impose our will on either Bialya or Kahndaq,” said Superman. “But we cannot allow innocents to suffer or die.”

Captain Marvel and Superman have both traded blows with Black Adam, while other League members have engaged Bialyan and Kahndaqi forces and other superhumans.

The mercenaries and supercriminals known as Black Manta, Bane, Scorpion, and Taskmaster are confirmed to have been hired by the Bialyan military. Kahndaq has likewise confirmed that Deadpool, Grey Gargoyle, Silver Samurai, and Wizard are in its employ. UN officials suspect that others may be present and as yet unrevealed.

Washington has stated that the UN force’s performance in the coming days will determine if it will likewise intervene militarily or potentially deploy The Avengers to the region.


Oh snap! The Avengers are on the way. I’m intrigued to see since the Avengers are a kind of extension of the UN and US forces invested, what happens if the Justice League which represents a 3rd party is “in the way”. Will the heroes duke it out in the middle of war?!

Since Deadpool is on the Kahndaq side does this mean, Deathstroke is on the Bialyan side?

I’m with username: Go team Kahndaq!


I also am wondering who has reserve Avenger status. That could make a big difference. A superhero brawl could be pretty awesome. Unless Martian Manhunter is there, I think I would say the fight between the Avengers and the JLA could be close.


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