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Vigilantes interrupt Doom's Boston tour

The Boston Herald - Jason Holmes

A group of vigilantes known as the Elite attacked Doctor Doom and the Minutemen during the king of Latveria’s diplomatic tour of Boston yesterday. They announced that they intended to kill Doom for his alleged crimes against humanity, according to Boston police.

Though the Minutemen intervened, the Elite were able to reach Doom. They were defeated and severely injured by the Latverian monarch, but survived the encounter.

Boston Medical Center officials said that the Elite were in critical but stable condition last night after treatment. The group’s leader, known as Manchester Black, showed signs of minor brain damage, but the extent of the damage is currently unknown. The other three suffered severe burns over large areas of their bodies.

Though the Minutemen were defeated, Doom announced in a public statement after the battle that he would grant the team one favor in gratitude for their willingness to defend him with their lives. “Doom is nothing if not a man of honor,” he said.

“Besides the unfortunate conflict, which our guest and the Minutemen neatly handled,” said Mayor Michael Godfrey in a statement this morning, “the tour was a rousing success. My office is confident that the city of Boston has done its part to foster the renewal of US-Latveria relations.”

Doom is scheduled to meet with the United Nations today to discuss the ongoing conflict in Bialya and Kahndaq.

In response to questions about the absence of the Fantastic Four, Doom’s oldest rivals, Mayor Godfrey said: “While we were confident that yesterday’s proceedings would be peaceful regardless, my office and I felt that it would be a show of bad faith to have the Fantastic Four present. The Minutemen were invited only to represent Boston’s growing superhuman community, of which we are justly proud.”

Witnesses gave the following account of the conflict: The Minutemen – escorting Doom through Boston by Mayor Michael Godfrey’s request – intervened and battled the Elite while Doom was led to safety by the Minuteman Analogy. Black pursued, but was unable to catch up with them.

Doom and Analogy were spotted soon after at a local waffle house, where they apparently stopped to strategize before moving on.

The Minutemen were defeated when one of their members, the Hunted, apparently turned on them to aid the Elite. The outnumbered team was knocked unconscious, but not seriously injured, according to first responders on the scene.

Black returned and led his group to assault Doom at a local golf course. Analogy broke off from the conflict and circled the combat to prevent civilians from being injured.

Doom defeated each of the Elite in turn, but allowed the Hunted to leave unharmed, for reasons unknown. When Black was left alone, Doom seized him by the throat and beat him for several seconds, before performing some kind of procedure on him. Hospital officials speculate that Black was partially lobotomized, perhaps in an attempt to remove his telepathic powers.


The Hunted is a traitor! He should go to jail! Also, Doctor Doom should be killed.


Nooo, how’d the reporters know?! Except for the Hunted visibly attacking Doom (which could be edited out), how’d they see that Doom beat Black and lobotomize him?! I wanted to show that Doom was a good guy at least in this capacity. For leaving people alive and not razing Boston to the ground for the Elite attacking…

Hahaha, The Hunted is a traitor, I’m curious how the Minutemen felt after being mentally attacked (and physically beaten down) for their difference in opinions.


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