An immortal alien known as a Law-Eater, a creature that feeds off of order.


HEIGHT: 5’10
PL 11


Witness (Indestructible, Easily Removable): 32 points
- Teleport 17 (36 points, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 4)
- Strength-Based Damage 3 (3 points), Penetrating 2 (2 points)
- Immortality: 1 (2 points)
- Immunity: Vacuum, Aging (2 points)
Armor of Libra
- Protection 5 (Removable)(4 points)

Improved Critical 4
Startle 1
Takedown 2
Fearless 1
Attractive 1
Power Attack 1
Interpose 1
Leadership 1

Acrobatics – 2
Close Combat (Swords) – 2
Expertise (Law) – 4
Intimidation – 6

Unarmed +10, Damage 7
Sword +12, Damage 10

Dodge 9
Parry 13
Toughness 10
Fortitude 8
Will 11

Motivation: Justice
Obsession: Justice
Power Loss: If Right-of-Way knowingly breaks the law, Witness ceases to grant
her its powers until she pays her debt to society.
Reputation: Feared
Responsibility: Upholding Law

-Space Ghost
-Capt. Wentworth

0 Power Points


NAME: Right-of-Way
REAL NAME: Raine Perol
RACE: Yoenite (Alien)
OCCUPATION: Intergalactic Enforcer
ALLIES: Space Ghost
NEMESES: Dust Knight

Little is known about the woman that used to be Raine Perol. She was born on the distant planet Yoen, where she was raised in safety from those without status. Though proficient as she was in the rearing of a noblewoman, Raine was an ever curious individual, and yearned to see the world outside of her gilded bubble. She snuck out one day, only to be recognized by several thugs as a member of the royal family and was subsequently kidnapped. Her butler, Klaus, rescued her from certain doom and promptly destroyed the ruffians. He knew that if her parents ever found out about this, she would surely never see the light of day again, and the village would likely be punished. He promised to take her out to see the world, as long as she would be willing to learn how to defend herself. Happily, she agreed.

As the years went by, Raine continued to develop her skills as a noblewoman, weaving in and out of political bureaucracy almost as efficiently as what her deadly fencing technique had become. Klaus had no more to teach her. She had mastered both the pen and the sword, and would have made a fine ruler, had she not seen the many injustices which befell her world due to the rule of her parents, who were widely feared and denounced. There were nothing but laws, most of which only sought to benefit the ones in charge. Even if it were her own family, she could withstand no more of it, and openly opposed her father, the king. Instead of punishing her for her insolence, he admitted that he knew of her adventures with Klaus, and waited patiently for this moment to prove that she had been corrupted by the low class dissidents of the current rule, and tried to have him executed. Klaus, however, was more than prepared for this, and had half of the royal guard on his side ready to enact a coup de tat. What followed was a bloody battle, ending in the lives of both of Raine’s parents and the entire royal guard, leaving only Raine and Klaus inside of a burning palace.

Klaus told Raine to run, as she was the only one left who could succeed the royal family and would be hunted. Raine, however, wanted justice. Klaus laughed, and said that only the winner makes justice. He did understand the girl’s feelings however, and offered a duel in place of a manhunt, respecting her desire for satisfaction, stating that he knew it would end up like this. A 16 year old Raine overpowered the aging Klaus, and she had a tearful, empty victory. With his dying breath, Klaus told Raine what would happen to the world now that it did not have a leader, and therefore, laws — total anarchy. As Klaus promised, two things happened after that day. Several rebels began to hunt Raine down, and the world fell into total chaos.

By the time she was only 23 years old, the world was a war-zone, perhaps not because of anarchy, but because the people were unable to adapt to a lawless world after such a long reign of terror. It was around this time that an alien being crashed into the planet, a knight clad in destroyed armor who claimed to bring salvation and order to the world through its utter destruction. This being boasted the ultimate law — oblivion put into practice. What came to be called the Dust Knight began a world-wide killing spree, made simple by its horrific ability to literally drain life from all things, drying the oceans and turning the landscape into dust. Those people who were not obliterated in his wake died of starvation. Only a handful of people were left — Raine included.

Dust Knight was easily able to sense the presence of life among the now barren planet and track Raine down to finish his campaign. Raine was not willing to go down so easily, however, and fought for her life. Her sheer skill and beauty impress the knight, who is determined to make her his queen. He afflicts her and her weapon with a curse in an attempt to make her an immortal force of destruction like him. He succeeds, though through sheer will, Raine overpowers the curse. Raine Perol begins to fade away as an overwhelming presence merges with her psyche. As if in defiance, Raine becomes a force of justice, an antithesis to Dust Knight as a force of anarchy. However, Raine would go on to become an eternally hungry creature, feeding on maintaining justice and eliminating injustice until the end of time, while her counterpart Dust Knight continued to hunger for destruction. She adopted the name Right-of-Way, as a reminder of both the fencing lessons and the study of law she vowed never to forget, lest she be completely consumed.


Law-Eater: Right-of-Way is afflicted with a curse that compels her to uphold the law of any given place, feeding on the phenomenon of justice to satiate herself and her powers. This energy is stored in her sword, Witness, and provides her with a number of powers.

-Teleportation: Right-of-Way can, with enough concentration, teleport across the galaxy to other planets. However, this weakens her powers considerably for a long duration. When weakened, she can only teleport up to 500 miles.

-Immortality: Raine Perol is unable to die regardless of how she is attacked. She will always return as a Law-Eater. She also does not age, and can breathe in the vacuum of space.

-Fearless: As a force of justice, Right-of-Way is impervious to effects that would seek to undermine her resolve through fear.

-Intimidation: Because of her strict adherence to the law, Right-of-Way often inadvertently intimidates or frightens her targets. She exhumes the same degree of wrath for a jaywalker as she would a serial killer. This is due to the fact that she is completely neutral on the severity of laws, and simply carries out the law with a detached and completely fair (albeit uncompromising) stance. She can only be as intimidating and dangerous as the law for any given area allows. For example, where a breach in the law states that the punishment is death, she may be ruthless. Likewise, in an area where lethal force is authorized upon the breach of law, the sentence is up to her discretion.

-Law: Right-of-Way has studied each individual law of hundreds of planets, and is quite familiar with picking up on proceedings and protocol regardless of to where she travels. Once, she was able to edit and revise every single Massachusetts law in a single night in an attempt to optimize and control the crime rate more efficiently.

-Master Gymnast: In addition to her fencing skills, Raine’s extensive ballet as a young noblewoman has given her impeccable balance and grace. She is able to perform dazzling feats of display which both serve to allow her to quickly and efficiently strike her opponent as well as intimidate them.

Fencing: Raine is a fencer of unparalleled skill, and regularly hones her skills.

Beautiful: Raine often strikes down her opponents with her looks moreso than her skills. Selective breeding through her royal family has gifted her with incredible beauty.


Absolute Law: Right-of-Way must adhere to the law to the letter, and is unable to resist carrying out any punishment or arrest without a significant amount of effort. She is quite capable of killing otherwise innocent people for even the most trifling of offenses, if the law designates.

Anarchy: Anarchy has no effect on her powers, but does cause Right-of-Way to completely abandon any restraints or rules, allowing Raine to use her own judgement. Raine herself is a wrathful woman. In some cases, the presence of the Law-Eater inside of her may actually serve to keep her in check, not the other way around…

Power Loss: If Right-of-Way knowingly breaks the law, she is unable to use her powers until she pays her debt to society.


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