The Hunted

Jack de Wit


POWERS-80 point cost
Telepathic communication 3(Subtle 2, Rapid 1, Limited to Willing)-12 point cost
Mental Array-40 point cost
• Mind Blast 9 (subtle 2) 38 point 1st power
• Mind Reading 11 (Limited to Language, Subtle 1, Cumulative) 22 points
• Psychic Weapon 11 ()22 points
Summoning 11-22 point cost
Telekinetic Field (Protection 9)-9 point cost
Flight 6 (Concentrate, Platform)-3 point cost

Hero Points- 1
Power Points-1, 15 points earned

ABILITIES-42 point cost

ADVANTAGES-6 point cost
Leadership 1 (Spend hero point to remove status)
Teamwork 1 (+5 bonus to check)
Languages (Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese)
Takedown 2 (keep attacking after minions)
Inspire 1 (Spend hero +1 to check)
Equipment 1

SKILLS-16 point cost
Athletics 4 (Balancing, Climbing, Jumping, Running, Swimming)
Persuasion 6
Insight 4 (Evaluate, Detect Illusion, Detect Influence, Innuendo, Resist Influence)
Expertise (Soldier) 2
Investigation 6
Close Combat (Psychic Weapons) 6
Ranged Combat (Guns) 2
Stealth 4

Mind Blast—{Damage 9}
Unarmed +2{Damage 1}
Guns +2
Psychic Weapons +8 {Damage 11}
DEFENSES-15 point cost {None above 20}
Toughness 12 Parry 5
Dodge 5
Fortitude 6
Will 12
EQUIPMENT- 5 points
Night Vision/Flash Goggles 2 point
Camo Clothing 1
Combat Knife 1
Multi-Tool 1

3 5 5 0 5 3 8 4
Power points
Telepathic communication 2(Subtle 2, Rapid 1, Limited to Willing)
Mental Array-40
• Mind Blast 9 (subtle 2)
• Mind Reading 12 (subtle 1, cumulative, limited to language)
• Psychic Weapon 11 ()
Telekinetic Field (Protection 11)

Leadership 1
Languages (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian)
Takedown 2
Teamwork 1
Inspire 1
Equipment 1

Athletics 4
Persuasion 6
Insight 4
Expertise (Soldier) 2
Investigation 4
Close Combat (swords) 6

Close Combat +11 (Damage 11)
Mind Blast - (Damage 9)

Toughness 16 Parry 6
Dodge 6 Will 12
Fortitude 8


The Hunted
Jack de Wit

From Allentown, Pennsylvania
Lived in: Hartford, Connecticut
Job: Something for a non-profit (wealth rank 4)
Goes to New York City regularly on business, and Boston, Massasachusets

From an Old Dutch family
Received his powers by endowment from a secret organization ran by the United States government. He was used as a soldier in numerous conflicts. He was recently freed because of budget cuts and the fact that the organization was leaked to the media.

Age: 32
Appearance: Blonde, gray eyed, 5’8", Slight lithe, clean shaven, light white skin tone, a facial scar under the eye and through his cheek from a knife wound it is on the left side, he also has three bullet wounds in his chest and abdomen, he also has another one on the bottom of his right foot from stepping on a pitchfork that his cousin left in the haystack while he was working on their farm


Personality: Friendly, has had many bad experiences, suffers from PTSD, as a consequence refuses to talk about past, has a high pain tolerance and refuses to give up under normal situations and is normally pretty silent, values doing the right thing, shows a willingness to do almost anything necessary to protect those in danger, he has strong convictions against killing as his time in the military made him wonder if any good could come from it but can be pushed to break that ideal in extreme circumstances, it will put in him a deep sense of guilt and make him physically sick and he will probably have a flashback, he enjoys the reputation from heroics as it makes him feels as though he’s making up for things he’s done plus he enjoys the recognition, wants to see industry return to the United States but doesn’t know how without injuring global economy

Doing Good

Enemy x2 (Psychic Enemy, Brawler Enemy)
Secret Identity
Responsibility (Job, Relationship)
Relationship (Girlfriend, Young Brother, 2 Older sisters, 2 allies, psychic bad guy)
Temper (Challenges)

Goals: He has a goal for the promotion of workers,

Backstory: Jack was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania which is a factory town. His father worked in a factory and told his son of the struggles of a factory worker. His mother worked in a diner in Allentown. This influenced young Jack and prompted him to always care for the wellbeing of the working class despite how far he traveled away from it. Jack was an exceptional child in many ways. He was very intelligent and was a great runner and very agile. Jack went through the public school. He participated in a couple of sports. When Jack was a young man (18) he joined the army. He was in the army for 3 years. (21) Being of fairly impressive physical capabilities, Jack passed Special Forces training. After another two years in the Special Forces, he received his first purple heart and first gunshot wound in combat. Jack continued and soon into his second year received yet another gunshot wound and another purple heart along with a few other medals. (23) Finally, the offer was made to Jack, who was an exemplary soldier at this point, to participate in a special government program. This program harnessed extra dimensional energies to potentially give recruits enhanced abilities. Knowing how dangerous these could be the government selected Jack for his great record and lack of horrible psychological scarring that many men who face combat possess. The experiment was disastrous. It was the second attempt at using the program the first created a psychic warrior of considerable skill (rivalry and first enemy). The second attempt was not as kind to the human test subject. It pulled him to an alien planet that possessed an amazing source of natural radiation that when some humans were exposed to developed super human capabilities. The inhabitants of the planet were not quite welcoming to their young visitor. The inhabitants were brutish creatures that were lead by a particularly large brute (second enemy). Sadly, young Jack did not gain super powers upon his visit and was hunted by the creatures for one long year. Finally, in one encounter, the leader of the creatures caught Jack and had taken Jack’s knife. Poised over him, preparing to finish Jack with a swift strike, the creature was caught unaware by a sudden noise and a resulting shockwave. The machine that had sent Jack had recreated the portal! Jack took his momentary advantage and fled into the portal but the creature followed him. Upon entry into the lab, it appeared the same as when Jack had left. Jack breathed a sigh of relief only to realize that the creature had indeed followed him through and was making short work of the guards and scientists. Jack, apparently relating to his exposure to the portal, released a mental bolt on the creature and knocked him unconscious. The portal was destroyed and with many of the head scientists, computers, and other machinery gone with it, there was no chance to rebuild. Thus the creature was put away and Jack was reenlisted. Jack did not escape the encounter unscathed though; the creature had cut a line through his cheek when the portal had opened. The incident of being hunted like an animal for over a year made Jack skittish and affected his mental state. He was worried and on guard. (24) Jack persevered past it though and continued to serve his country admirably. He was enlisted into a top secret government squad of four other superhumans, of which Jack was made the leader, one was the always present super strong hero, another was an attempt at recreating Captain America’s super soldier serum, another was an Atlantean warrior, and the last was the first telepath created by the program. The team was dropped into a serious of hotspots and was remarkably successful but the wear on Jack was beginning to build. The constant danger and the killing was make guilt build up in Jack. This series of successes lasted for 4 years. (28) Until the fateful day that the brute escaped his captors, he had mutated while on Earth and become even more physically imposing and had one day broken down the walls of his prison. The government then sent the only team that they knew could stop him, Jack’s squad. The heroes met the creature outside of Hartford, Connecticut. The battle was fierce but success seemed imminent for the team until one fatal miscalculation. To understand what happened we must look at the dynamics of the team. The strong man and the super soldier were nearly ideal soldiers; they followed commands well and unquestioningly. The Atlantean preferred to work alone or stealthily but could be relied on. The other telepath though resented the fact that Jack was given command though Jack was the younger of the two and less experienced with his powers. Jack had ordered the other telepath to hit the creature with a mind blast in unison with Jack himself. He refused and tried to mental command him to sleep. This tactic would have worked against a lesser being but it didn’t work against the brute. It led to the creature having a momentary advantage in combat and murdering the super strength man. This was a blow to the team but they managed to press on and defeat the creature. Though they captured victory, they lost the ties of trust that held the team together. The team split up but the other telepath blamed Jack for the lost of their comrade, as did Jack himself. After the team split most retired from the military and went their spate ways. Jack tried to make a life for himself in Hartford and was succeeding somewhat. He had a job and a home but a lack of ties to the people in the community. He continued on this way for nearly a year. (29) Then he met a woman named Caroline S. Galla she was keenly interested in Jack and through her Jack was pulled, gladly, back into society. About halfway though his 29th year, he was called on his former government communicator. It was his old teammate, the other telepath. He needed assistance; he had not quit working for the government and was combating a villain at the military base near where they had once fought the brute. Jack rushed there as quickly as he could, determined not to let another of his companions die. When he arrived, he found that the base had taken significant damage in their battle and the military had abandoned it. He walked into the abandoned military base and found his old friend there. He was standing there and walked over to Jack. He told Jack how he hadn’t forgiven him for the death of their friend and how they would have been better off if he had been in command. Jack, since having been the commander of the group, felt responsible for the death already apologized. His old friend said that he was also sorry but that this was something that needed to be done. He then proceeded to pull out the gun and give him his final gunshot wound. Jack laid there dying while the telepath said that he was leaving him the chance to survive as a last favor to Jack as a friend. If they meet again, he would kill Jack. Jack laid there dying when about 30 minutes later, an old man drove up in a pickup truck and saved Jack. He took him to the hospital where he was stabilized. Along the way, the old man said Jack looked like a good kid and he should try to stay away from the bad crowds. Jack asked the old man’s name it was ________ Jack promised that he would repay the old man for this. He recovered and visited the man and did work for him on the side. He continued his life in Hartford and this continued on for nearly not long after his 30th birthday. On one day, the old man got sick and he was terminally ill. Jack went to visit him and asked if there was anything he could do to make up to the old man for saving his life. The old man replied that he just wanted Jack to live his life as best as he could and that Jack should do everything he can to help others which the old man wished he had done. That day Jack realized that he would become a superhero. Having seen the destruction superpowered individuals could do, with the old man’s advice, and finally the ideals he was instilled in as a child supported his decision. From his 30th birthday to his 32nd birthday he has been a super hero. When he turned 31 he started to date Caroline S. Galla.

The Hunted

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