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The Minutemen Respond to Op/Ed!

Minute men

March 23, 2013

Rosemary Genevieve, Publicist
Freedom Trail Public Relations
Phone: 555-365-4562

Minutemen Respond to Boston Globe Dick Tanner Op/Ed

We would like to thank Mr. Tanner for his opinion about our activities in the Boston area, and say he is right. Our actions as a group should be for greater good of the community, especially with our abilities taken into consideration.

This is why we would like to take the opportunity to express the Minutemen’s desire to become a bigger organization. The visit from Latveria’s ruler caused more chaos than not, and even though the finances were settled, it left a raw feeling in my mouth. This desire to become a better group is expressly why we’ve struck out and made liaisons with the governmental office and police department. I sincerely hope we can work with the local medical businesses and fire departments in the very near future.

We thank the citizens of Boston, and greater Boston area, for their support, but please understand Mr. Tanner is entitled to his opinion and it only belittles what we are trying to achieve as an organization when people attack and defame him. To Mr. Tanner, whatever discomfort or displeasure we have caused you in regards to the favorite waffle joint, I apologize. We only wanted to spread the good word of this establishment.

Analogy, chairperson of the Minutemen

Clay man attacks Bunker Hill Monument
The Boston Herald - Jane Mossman

A special artifact unveiling at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston went awry yesterday when the exhibit came to life: literally.

The artifact, an eight-foot tall man made of clay, came to life and escaped the museum shortly after its unveiling. Projecting black energy from its body, it blew a hole in the museum’s ceiling and flew away.

Peace declared in Bialya, Kahndaq; Doom "invaluable" in negotiations
The Daily Planet - Clark Kent

The war between Bialya and Kahndaq has officially ended, according to a press release by the United Nations. Bialyan and Kahndaqi troops withdrew to their own nations yesterday after five weeks of brutal combat.

Some not so in love with Boston's new heroes
The Boston Globe - Op/Ed - Dick Tanner

The Minutemen have taken Boston by storm. That, no one can deny. Local public opinion of them has soared over the last few weeks as the group has helped to capture criminals both mundane and “super.”

But their popularity has grown so quickly its almost suspicious. What other costumed vigilantes have experienced such a meteoric rise? Spider-Man is – to this day – often portrayed as a menace to society, and the Batman is widely distrusted even by other so-called “heroes.”

Vigilantes interrupt Doom's Boston tour
The Boston Herald - Jason Holmes

A group of vigilantes known as the Elite attacked Doctor Doom and the Minutemen during the king of Latveria’s diplomatic tour of Boston yesterday. They announced that they intended to kill Doom for his alleged crimes against humanity, according to Boston police.

Though the Minutemen intervened, the Elite were able to reach Doom. They were defeated and severely injured by the Latverian monarch, but survived the encounter.

Transcript: "War in Kahndaq"
BBC News - Charles Foster, Senior War Correspondent - Uten, Kahndaq

[Anchor Olivia Moor is on-screen next to a graphic reading “War in Kahndaq.”]

Moor: And now we go live to Charles Foster.

[Senior War Correspondent Charles Foster stands in front of the camera. He looks disheveled, with dirt staining his shirt. Behind him is an open doorway leading to an empty Uten street. Rubble is strewn across the ground and smoke is visible in the distance. The sound of a tank can be heard in the distance.]

Foster: This is Charles Foster, BBC News, live from Uten, Kahndaq.

UN and Justice League intervene in Bialya-Kahndaq conflict in peace-enforcement operation
The Daily Planet - Lois Lane

The United Nations and The Justice League have begun active intervention in the Bialya-Kahndaq War, in response to the active targeting of civilians by both sides. Captain Marvel has been temporarily inducted into the League to assist in combating Black Adam, his most prominent foe.

Bialya invades Khandaq; Black Adam vows revenge
The Daily Planet - Lois Lane

The international community was stunned yesterday morning when Bialyan troops rolled into neighboring Kahndaq with no warning and no apparent cause. In a blitzkrieg spanning land, sea, and air, Bialya crushed the unsuspecting Kahndaqi military in a number of early skirmishes.

Atomic Skull murders fifteen; "Minutemen" save day
The Boston Herald - Jane Mossman

Boston is in shock after its second deadly super-criminal attack in less than a week. The Atomic Skull, long known as an enemy of Superman, descended upon downtown Boston yesterday and murdered fifteen people in the streets.

A group of costumed crime-fighters calling themselves “The Minutemen” arrived on the scene shortly into the rampage. After a fierce battle, they were able to apprehend Atomic Skull and deliver him to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

Dozens dead in Boston-area supercriminal rampage
The Boston Herald - Jason Holmes

BOSTON – 37 people were killed and 45 hospitalized Saturday in a series of four supercriminal attacks across the greater Boston area.

Boston police suspect the attacks to be related due to their proximity and timing, but no connection has been found between the locations or the suspects. A motive has not been established.


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